Welcome to Coupon Nightmares! While I am all for saving money and coupon use, I have to admit that over the past year, my experiences with using coupons have been less than wonderful.

I have, at times, even left the store in near tears of frustration from the way I was treated by inexperienced, untrained cashiers who hadn’t the foggiest idea of what they were doing.

Yes, you can save literally Hundreds of dollars each year by using coupons. I’m not here to discourage you from saving money in your budget. This site is simply a venting place for coupon users to come and voice their frustrations with various retailers. It’s a place to share your coupon stories, (good or bad). A place to feel welcome, particularly if a store made you feel like a crook for wanting to save some money.

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  • Robert says:

    This site is a great idea, and I hope that you provide two sections: one for consumers and one for businesses who have had their own nightmares with these coupone companies. We have a day spa and did one with Living Social, and it has nearly bankrupted our business. I would love to see this site set up with “Cutomrer Nightmares” and “Merchant Nightmares”. this site could serve as a valuable warning to businesses so they are not lured in by these predatory companies.

  • Teddy Tschicke says:

    I cant find a link where i can subscribe to this blog, webmaster how can i follow your blog?

    Teddy Tschicke

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