I Hate Coupons!

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Everyone has been in that long checkout line in the busiest time of the day. It is bad enough that the line is long. That extreme couponer ahead of you is standing at the checkout arguing with the cashier about whether or not that coupon was good towards the purchase of the product that they bought. The cashier has to call the manager over because this extremist has 300 items for this coupon. Do they really need that item this bad to hold up everybody in line to get 300 of them? Not to mention, there is not any left for the next person. Then they have a special order of something else that they are waiting to bring to the register so that it can be rung up. This is only one complaint of why I hate coupons.

Another reason is because every time I try to by my favorite items when they are on sale, there are none left. The shelf has been cleared because the sale matched with a coupon that made the item free. Can you imagine an item for free? The person buying it is not going to ever use it but they got it free with a coupon so they bought every single one of them which leaves none left for me. I guess I cannot take advantage of that sale again. Coupons are frustrating because of this very problem. Why do stores allow this to happen? Is it because they just want to sell products and do not care who buys what? Or is it because they are forced to? The coupon policy said they could do it, so those coupon freaks buy a million of them. If they cannot afford to buy the products that they are getting for free, then they will not be able to afford the newspapers where they get the coupons.

People that use that many coupons also clear the newspaper stand. I cannot even read my Sunday paper because when I go to get my paper from the store, there are not any left. I do not have that much time to spend cutting out coupons. Those people spend all of their money on newspapers just to get the coupons inside of them and I will not get to read my news because of this. I will not know what jobs I may have missed out on because I will not see the employment part of the classified. Those people are just throwing their Sunday papers away and saving only the coupons so that they can get free products. These people could stand outside the store and get the coupons for free by asking the people that buy the papers to give them the coupons. Oh, wait! They have not figured that out yet. Normal people throw the inserts away and read the paper. Now I have to pay for a subscription to have it delivered to my house while they are buying all of the papers from the store where I used to buy my paper. Coupons Suck

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