Groupon Blows

Posted by fivefingersla on March 2, 2012 in Consumer's Side |

Life in Las Vegas means gourmet eateries are always right around the corner. Some of them are totally out of my family’s budget price-wise, but as admitted foodies each one of us had a wish list of dream restaurants.

My cousin visiting us was the perfect excuse to finally visit some of those tempting eateries. Midway during her visit we decided to get a Groupon coupon for a restaurant with a high reputation for great food and a quirky atmosphere.

The visit was fine at first; we ordered drinks and our waiter seemed friendly and informative. My mother, realizing we should probably inform the waiter about the coupon at the start of the meal, waited until he returned with our drinks to hand it over to him.

It seemed to go over as if she was handing him a used tissue! The waiter’s previously pleasant expression morphed into one of disgust. He pocketed the coupon with nothing more than a grim nod.

From that point on, the meal went downhill. The wine my cousin had ordered, mysteriously seemed to vanish. The replacement wine they insisted on was nearly double in price.

I have a deep aversion to leeks, and ordered a dish with an emphatic reminder that I didn’t want them at all. Even the thought of leeks cooking with the tasty chicken and potatoes made my skin crawl. The waiter seemed to hear me; he nodded and made notes about it.

Of course, when the entrees arrived, my meal was covered in greasy leeks. The meal was totally ruined for me, and the waiter’s rudeness and bad service throughout the rest of the meal ruined it for my family too. It seemed that the coupon had completely influenced the way we were treated. We won’t be going back to that restaurant!

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