Poor Lady at Walmart

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The Wal-Mart in my home town is a super Wal-Mart so it’s always busy and there never seems to be enough checkers at he check out. One particular day as I was shopping, I got in line behind a woman who had her buggy loaded down with groceries and a stack of coupons clipped together with a big metal clip. There was a couple of people in front of us, so we began to talk as we waited for our turns.

I ask her if she thought that using the coupons was worth all of the trouble that they seem to be. She said she’d only been using them for her last 2 shopping trips, but that she had saved over $20 each time and any savings to her was a good savings. I ask her where she got so many coupons and she said she gets them from the papers and magazines, but a friend had also given her a bunch.

Finally, it was her turn. The checker began running her groceries and when she finished the lady’s total was $249. The lady handed the cashier her coupons to begin deducting from her bill. The first few went through smoothly and then the register made a buzz noise instead of a beeping noise. The cashier explained to the lady that that coupon was not any good, that it had expired. Then the next coupon buzzed and the next and the next. The lady in front of me began to get nervous and looked at me and rolled her eyes and shook her head.

When the cashier finished, the lady’s total for her groceries after coupons was $236. I could tell that the lady was not expecting to have such a high grocery bill. She told me she didn’t check the coupons expiration dates, she just figured they we’re all good. She ended up having to put the groceries on her credit card. I wondered what she would have done if she didn’t have the credit card.

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  • Will says:

    JC Penny’s management (and all other store management people) are placing you in a position that I don’t envy. Every time I’m asked if I want a credit card or if I want to charge it, my response is, If I can’t afford to pay cash, I sure as he|| can’t afford to charge it! I know, you’re employee rating depends upon you pushing credit card applications.. But our economy is such that people should not be applying for credit cards. It costs everyone money when the cards don’t get paid. It’s almost like shoplifting. Getting something you can’t, won’t or have no intention of paying for.

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