Serious Couponage

Posted by Misery on February 29, 2012 in Consumer's Side |

Every coupon queen (or king) has coupon horror stories. We just push them aside because we can’t wait to feel the rush from saving boatloads of money.

Here’s my story:

I decided to shop at an off hour. I had serious couponage. I was so organized. It was even double coupon day, so I was about to get my buzz on.

As I unloaded my items onto the belt, the manager told the cashier to go on break. This veteran was being replaced by a newbie. I knew the former from a previous coupon shopping experience and she could sling items through the scanner and sort coupons with flying fingers. The latter hadn’t a clue.

I put on my patience pants at first. Many items weren’t ringing up properly and the tight-lipped teenager mixed up my coupons. She couldn’t figure out how to double the coupons, so she simply kept scanning, giving me the evil eye but not giving me my doubles.

My patience pants weren’t working. I began to hear loud sighs behind me. I turned to look and the line had grown to epic proportions. It was the only checkout open other than the express lane due to the hour. I grew uncomfortable but refused to let the other shoppers see my fear. I willed the veteran to come back and save me from the increasingly hostile crowd.

Instead, the culprit, I mean the manager, returned. He rudely and loudly blamed me for the uprising. He was offended by the suggestion that he should simply open another checkout. Justice prevailed when his supervisor arrived.

While not all coupon horror stories have happy endings, this one did. I am also now the recipient of extra coupons that arrive on a regular basis to ease my pain and suffering.

Oh look! Thirty cents off apple juice and it’s double coupon day!

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