Bringing home the Bacon . . .

Posted by kristi96 on February 27, 2012 in Consumer's Side |

A few months ago, I was at one of my favorite grocery stores. I shop at this particular grocery store multiple times a week and feel that I have their coupon policy down pretty solid. Most of the cashiers know me at the store and are extremely friendly. In fact, I have even taught some of them how to use coupons.

Well on this trip I came across a cashier that just does not like couponers and she gave me a grocery store shopping experience, coupon horror story. I was purchasing 20 packs of bacon since the bacon was on sale for 2 for $5.00. I also hand ten coupons that gave me $3 off of 2 packs of bacon making the bacon $1.00 per pack. Since I was only purchasing bacon on this trip, I went to the self-checkout lane.

I scanned all of my items, bagged them, scanned my ten coupons and then inserted the coupons into the machine. Not once did the machine beep at me but the cashier working the self-checkout lines decided I was not using coupons correctly. She walked up to me and demanded to know why I was purchasing so many packs of bacons and asked me if I really had that many coupons. I explained that I did have enough coupons and I had inserted all of the coupons into the coupon feeder. This lady flat out told me I was a liar and would prosecute me for scanning the same coupon repeatedly.

At this point, I was upset and embarrassed that I was being treated like a criminal. I demanded to speak with a manager and of course she was the manager. She opened up the self-checkout machine and counted every single coupon I put into the machine. All ten coupons were in the machine and she became very apologetic, I however was still not happy. I took the matter up with corporate and received a very apologetic letter from them along with a $50 voucher towards my next shopping trip.

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